AHP Decision  v.1.0.3

AHP Decision helps you make structured decisions through the AHP process.

ERA Pre-Auction Decision Analysis Tool  v.4 2

Electronic Reverse Auctions (eRAs) can be an effective market making and price collection mechanism. Unfortunately, the more popular they become, the more frequent we hear the horror stories of auctions gone wrong.


Random Decision Maker  v.1.1

Do you build lists of ideas and then when it comes to pick an idea you fail because there's so much choice?

Decision Maker  v.2.0

If only life were really this simple. Now you will know how your boss makes all the really important decisions.

Decision Wheel  v.

"Have you ever been troubled by a decsion and just could not make up your mind? If so this is the app for you! After you press GO you will enter the options you have and the amount (amount of cost or pay), after doing so press done.


Data mining, decision cube software - DBMyne. DBMyne is a data mining software. In the wide area of data mining DBMyne addresses the field of decision cube analysis. DBMyne is an easy to use software that helps you analyze and present data stored in


bCisive is Austhink Software's tool for making workplace decisions more easily. Using decision mapping, it helps decision-makers save time and effort, collaborate more effectively, be more confident about their decisions and get more consensus around

BusinessBubbles  v.3.5

Easy, fast and visual decision making inc entry, model, ranks, score and charts. Entry: Numbers, radio bar ranges, must-haves, %. Grids: Traffic lights, Averages, Statistics. Charts: Bar, Star Charts, Strength and Bubble (2x2). Smarts: Hi-Lo, Weigths

Edraw MindMap  v.6.6

Easy to create mind maps (graphical representations of thought processes) for brainstorming, problem solving, rational analysis, and decision marking.

SADA  v.4. 1. 1950

Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is free software that incorporates tools from environmental assessment fields into an effective problem solving environment.

DecisionTableCreator  v.1.0.3902

Decision Table Creator is a tool to create/edit/export decision tables. Tables can be checked on consistency and completeness. The resulting table can be copied to the clipboard to incorporate it in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

CART (R) Pro EX  v.6.0.3

CART is a robust, easy-to-use decision tree that automatically sifts large, complex databases, searching for and isolating significant patterns and relationships.

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